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20 Great Storage Design Options to Consider When Creating your New Dream Kitchen!

Appliance Garage: An appliance garage is a cabinet that is installed directly on top of the countertop, usually in the space between an upper cabinet and the work surface. Either regular hinged doors or a tambour style “garage door” conceal your toaster or coffee maker or anything else you wish not to be seen on your countertop.

Base Cabinet with Roll Trays: Roll out trays are installed inside the base cabinet making all of the items stored in the back of the cabinet more easily accessible. Very little space is lost on the sides of the cabinets to allow for the installation of the tray guides.

Base Cabinet with Can and Wine Pull-outs: This cabinet can be customized with up to 5 racks for storage of up to 30 wine bottles! The full depth shelf can be used to store other items. The pull-outs can also be used for other cylindrical objects such as canned goods.

Base Container Organizer Cabinet: Plastic storage containers and their lids can be neatly stored in this convenient cabinet!

Base Container Organizer Pantry Pull-out Cabinet: This cabinet includes Airtight OXO™ Good Grips BPA-free containers! This cabinet is perfect for storing dry pantry items and is a space saving 12” wide.

Blind Corner Cabinet Solutions: Base Corner Cabinet with Curved Pull-out and Base Corner Cabinet with Pull-out. Work with your designer when selecting one of these blind corner solutions to make sure that they’ll function correctly. They cannot be installed adjacent to an appliance such as a range or refrigerator.

Blind Corner Cabinet Storage Options

Deep Bin Lazy Susan Cabinet: This lazy susan has taller sides to prevent taller items from tipping over or other items becoming lost behind the lazy susan while maintaining easy accessibility.

Base Easy Reach Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf: This cabinet is perfect for storing larger items or small appliances that wouldn’t fit neatly on a round lazy susan. Adjustable shelves allow you to customize for your storage needs.

Base Message Center Cabinet: This is a neat way to end a cabinet run and store items that may otherwise accumulate in the “junk drawer”.

Base Mixer Cabinet: Lift that heavy mixer with ease with a cabinet that brings it right to a convenient working height and then stores it out of sight when you’re finished! A great addition to a true baker’s kitchen!

Base Pots and Pans Organizer: This roll out unit allows for easy nesting of pots and pans with convenient angled lid storage shelves on top.

Base Utensil Pantry Pull-out Cabinet with and without Knife Block: Say goodbye to the drawer that gets repeatedly stuck closed by haphazardly stored kitchen utensils! Store them neatly and vertically in this convenient pull-out cabinet.

Deep Drawer Base Cabinet: Use this drawer to store large items such as pots and pans or food items.

Double Trash Can Pull-out: Keep the trash and recycling conveniently in the kitchen, yet out of sight and out of the way!

Oven Cabinet Tray Divider: This cabinet comes with vertical tray dividers to store bakeware neatly and accessible. Another great place for these dividers is in a deep cabinet over the refrigerator!

Pegged Dish Organizer: This is a great option for cabinets with limited upper cabinet storage space! Keep plates and bowls stacked neatly in the drawer without worry of breaking or chipping!

Solid Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider: This organizer makes use of space usually wasted in cabinet drawers! The top section slides back to reveal more storage underneath!

Tiered K-Cup™ Drawer: Store all of your morning coffee needs in this convenient drawer!

Wall Spice Rack Cabinet: Find your spices easily with this rotatable spice rack.

Wine Storage Cabinet: The X-shape configuration can be used to store wine bottles in a kitchen or bar area or towels in a bathroom!

Check out our site for some great examples, then set up your free estimate! - or just phone 630-200-3945 to schedule!

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