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How to Properly Care and Maintain Your Trex Composite Decking and Extend the Life of Your Dream Deck

Protect your investment by learning to properly care for your Trex deck. Below are the recommended cleaning methods provided by Trex to keep your deck looking beautiful!

Dirt & Debris: Spray your deck with a hose to remove surface debris. Use warm, soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and grime from the embossed pattern on the deck boards.

Hard Water Staining: Hard water can leave deposits on your deck boards and railings, including lime, silica, and calcium. Keep on top of these unsightly spots by cleaning with white vinegar on the decking surfaces or a Magic Eraser on the railing surfaces. Rinsing your deck is required as basic care for your Trex deck, so if possible, avoid using hard water for this purpose. If hard water cannot be avoided, dry with a cloth or use a blower to dry surfaces.

Tannins Due to Debris: Allowing leaves and other yard debris to sit on the deck for a prolonged length of time can result in staining of the deck boards due to natural tannins in the debris. Remove the debris from the deck using a hose or broom. Apply a “brightener” to the deck, once it is dry, as specified by the manufacturer. Brighteners contain oxalic acid, which removes tannins.

Oil / Food / Grease: Food spills should be removed from the deck as soon as possible. The surface must be cleaned within seven days to maintain the stain warranty. Spray with a hose, then use warm, soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove spills from the embossed wood pattern.

Mold & Mildew: Pollen and dirt that is allowed to sit on the deck surface, biofilm is created, and mold can feed on the biofilm. Use a hose and warm, soapy water with a soft bristle brush to remove biofilm and mold.

Pressure Washing: A pressure washer with no greater than 3100 psi that has a fan attachment/adjustment and soap dispenser may be used to remove dirt. Spray deck with soap, then gently scrub each deck board with a soft bristle brush. Spray/rinse each individual deck board using a fan tip no closer than 8" from the decking surface. RINSE THOROUGHLY. If dirty water from cleaning is left to dry, this will cause a film to remain on the decking surface.

Be sure to follow the recommendations given by Trex to ensure your warranty remains valid and your investment is protected. Taking care to properly clean and maintain your Trex deck will keep it looking great for years of enjoyment!

Get started today and give your family a space they'll love! Call DDT Home Transformations at 630-200-3945 or visit our website: to schedule your estimate!


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