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Winter is a Great Time to Get Your Deck Quote

Why get your deck quote in winter? Great things take time! If you want to be one of the first to enjoy a brand-new deck this Spring, now is the time to get an estimate. Getting your new deck estimate now gives you time to design your deck the way you want to use it, decide on a contractor, and to work out financing BEFORE you start missing out on spring afternoons in the backyard! Have your contractor

bring sample boards to you or schedule a visit to his showroom. Take your time selecting a color or a combination of colors and options that fit your needs and budget without feeling rushed. Talk to contractors now and get on the books for early Spring with the company you really want to use instead of whichever company happens to have availability left in their schedule. Knowing the cost of your deck project with all of the options that you really want ahead of time gives you time to plan financially. Getting an estimate now gives you time to save to make sure you get the deck that you really want!

Other things to Consider with Your Deck Quote

Lighting: Have your contractor quote lighting in your estimate! Lighting can be incorporated in deck rails, stair risers, and can be used to accent areas of interest. It is much easier and less expensive to have lighting installed during the original framing of the deck rather than to retrofit.

RainEscape: Trex makes a product called RainEscape which works like a trough and gutter system for raised decks to keep rain, spills and snowmelt from falling between the deck boards and allows for dry usage of the area under the deck, such as a walkout patio.

Deck Furniture: Deck furniture is an expense that can be easily overlooked when pricing out your project. Once you decide on a deck size, it would be a good to start shopping deck furniture and incorporate it into your budget.

Deck Board Curves and Designs: Ask your contractor how you can incorporate curved deck boards, contrasting colors, pergolas, benches, or flowerboxes into your deck design to ensure that you have an original style that will be the envy of your neighborhood!

If you have not yet had your new Trex deck built and would like to wait until Spring, there’s still time to get an estimate and reserve your spot to have your deck built as soon as the weather breaks in Spring! Call DDT Home Transformations at 630-200-3945 or visit our website: to schedule your estimate!


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