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Rick Vargas, Partner, Owner, DDT Home Transformations

Rick Vargas

Partner, Management

Rick Vargas is truly a jack-of-all-trades. From GC to Realtor to Project Manager to Partner, Rick has successfully led teams in a multitude of roles in the construction industry, which makes him the perfect partner for any residential customer looking to remodel or build a new home. Have questions about a project? Considering a remodel? Just ask Rick. 


Nicole Vargas

K+B Designer

Nicole Vargas is the creative mind behind DDT's interior desgins. She creates detailed layouts and meticulously selects material to create unique and modern designs. Her home layouts are both funtional and stylish. But, it's her unmatched experience with hundreds of completed designs and her years of client interaction that make her the perfect fit for anyone considering a home remodeling project. 

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