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4 Tips on Selecting a TrexPro for your Curved Deck Project

Curved Trex Deck

Finding the right contractor to build a deck is the most important decision of the entire process, especially when incorporating complex design elements such as bending deck boards, shaping rail systems to fit curves, and installing deck boards at various angles. The end result is a beautiful low-maintenance deck, but ensuring the final product lives up to expectations starts with selecting the right person for the job.

Below, I have listed 4 Tips that will help you find the perfect Trex Pro for the project!

Screenshot Find A Trex Pro Page

#1 Find A TrexPro

There's no better place to start your research than on the manufacturer's website!

Did you know that you can find a list of certified Trex Pros in your area on the company's website?

This link will lead you to Find A TrexPro Deck Contractor Near You . Once there, either enter your zip code or city and select a search radius. Finally, click "Search" and a list of certified Trex Pros will populate.

Starting with will ensure you are selecting from knowledgeable, professional, and experienced deck builders.

Note: In order to become a Trex Pro, a contractor must complete the certification process using Trex material and have each deck certified by a Trex representative.

#2 Look for the Curve Certification

Trex Curve Certification Logo

On Trex's Find A TrexPro page, a contractor that has both experience bending and installing a deck with curved Trex material and has invested in the purchase of a Trex Custom Curve machine will receive a small, yellow icon on their profile.

Look for this icon for added assurance that the TrexPro you hire has the expertise for your deck project.

#3 Custom Curve Machine

Trex Custom Curve Machine

Trex manufactures a tool (it's essentially an oven) that is built specifically to heat Trex material for the purpose of applying curves to boards and handrails by way of bending and shaping. Before you hire a contractor to build your Trex deck, ensure first that the company owns one of these "ovens".

#4 Going Beyond

Finally, go beyond to verify that you are hiring a bona fide professional and reputable deck builder. Bending and shaping composite deck boards to fit a custom radius for deck stairs, board inserts, and trim pieces is a tedious, precise, and time-consuming process. You'll want to be confident that the contractor you choose has the experience and reputation to match the complexity of your project and the investment you are making into your home.


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