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Why Winter is a Great Time to Upgrade Your Existing Deck to Low Maintenance Trex Composite Decking

Deck building is typically considered a Spring through Fall type of project in the Midwest, where low temperatures and frozen ground can keep a contractor from agreeing to complete your project during the cold winter months. This is certainly true if you need a new deck to be built from scratch which involves digging holes 42” deep into the ground for the pouring of concrete piers to ensure that your deck doesn’t heave with the freeze / thaw cycles that we experience in our area of the country. Digging to this depth is difficult to impossible when the ground is frozen and building inspection cannot be passed without completing this step. However, if you are looking to have your existing deck resurfaced with a composite decking material such as Trex, you may be in luck if your contractor will agree to work in the cold temperatures!

Deck resurfacing requires the demolition of your existing deck boards and railings, and possibly some framing repairs before installing new deck boards and railings. Since the deck sub-structure is remaining in place, there is no need to wait for warmer weather which would be required to dig holes and pour the concrete piers that support your deck. If you plan to increase the size of your deck or change the deck layout by, for example, moving the stairs, you may need to wait until Spring as new concrete support piers may be required. A winter deck resurfacing project is most often going to be a deck which will remain the same size and layout as it is currently built. The hardest part will be finding a contractor who will agree to work outside during the cold months! As long as the temperature is safe to work in and no snow is accumulating on the work area, and you have a willing contractor, a deck resurface can be completed during the winter and your deck will be ready to use come Spring!

Weather is a major factor in determining if your deck resurfacing project can be completed during the winter months and the length of time it will require to do so. Snow accumulation can cause delays as the work area needs to be clear in order to properly install the materials. Snow can also cause a safety hazard for the contractor and crew. Your contractor may prefer to wait until the work area is clear before proceeding with your project. Air temperature will also be a factor, again for the safety of the contractor and crew. Check with your contractor to see what temperature they may consider to be too cold to have their crew working outdoors. Should you decide to hire a contractor who has agreed to complete your project in winter, be sure to allow for patience with the time required to complete your project, as weather related delays are common and safety is paramount. Show your appreciation with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa!

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