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Planning & Budgeting in the Fall Months Allows Time for Proper Design With Quality Decking Materials

Fall is here and Winter will be here before you know it! Now is a great time to start thinking about a new deck for Spring! Take into consideration factors such as deck material, size, style, and upgrades when you start planning. Planning and budgeting now and over the winter months will allow time to save for your project so that you can achieve the quality and design that you are looking for when Spring arrives. Your new deck can be a significant investment and well worth it to do it right!

The main determining factors when it comes to budgeting for your new deck are the deck design and the materials that you choose to build with. Getting an estimate from a few reputable contractors during the budgeting stage will help keep expectations realistic and may reveal additional expenses that you may not have considered.

The main cost drivers for your deck project will be the material that you choose and the size of the deck. Choosing pressure treated deck boards will cost less

than composite deck boards. On the installation side, a smaller deck will actually cost more per square foot to install than a larger deck. This is because it does not take much additional labor to install a longer board than a shorter one, bringing the overall cost of installation down. Because square foot pricing can vary so much on the installation portion of an estimate, it would be wise to get estimates from contractors rather than assume a standard square foot price will stay the same from project to project.

Installation costs will vary dependent on the scope of the project and how much time the contractor estimates it will take to complete. A smaller deck may cost less to install per square foot than a larger deck. This is simply because there is very little time variance in installing a shorter board vs. a longer one, so installation time does not change exponentially.

Other considerations that can drive your deck’s price are upgrades! A flat, single level deck is easier to build and therefore less expensive than a multi-level deck. Prices will vary depending on the railing that you select. A composite railing will cost less than an aluminum railing. Adding lighting is an obvious way to upgrade the look of your deck, but also comes with cost!

The season that you decide to purchase and build your deck can also affect your contract price. Some contractors will increase prices during the busy Spring and Summer months, and discount during the fall if they need to stretch work further into the year.

Working with a contractor now, while the weather is cool and less people are thinking of installing a new deck, will help you be prepared to be one of the first installed in the Spring! Being prepared now will also allow time to save for the deck that you really want! Get started today and give your family a space they'll love! Call DDT Home Transformations at 630-200-3945 or visit our website: to schedule your estimate!


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