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Why Adding Budget for a Deck Lighting Package Enhances Your Family's Outdoor Living Experience

Deciding to add a beautiful deck to your backyard is an exciting upgrade to your outdoor space! Getting the most out of your deck after the sun goes down help get the most out of your investment! During the planning process or when repairing your existing deck are the best times to add lighting to your deck design. Doing so will dramatically improve the appearance and function of your deck. Enhance your outdoor space by investing in deck lighting!

Safety and Security: One of the most practical benefits of adding lighting to your deck is that it will provide enhanced safety and security for yourself, your family, and guests. Riser lights make stair treads more visible and will reduce the likelihood of tripping on the way up or a misstep on the way down a set of stairs. Deck rail lights illuminate the perimeter of your deck either inside the railing, outside, or both, adding security by making your space more well lit and less appealing to anyone wishing to trespass on your property.

Entertaining: Your deck is the perfect place to entertain your guests during the warmer months of the year! Social distancing is best done outdoors with room to spread out and fresh air between you and your guests! Adding lighting makes your deck more inviting and interesting and your yard will be the place to come together while staying apart during the COVID 19 pandemic and even more so afterwards! Be creative with your lighting design by incorporating different types of lighting including stair riser lights, deck rail lights, and accent lighting!

Get More Use Out of Your Deck Every Day: The most prevalent benefit to adding lighting to your deck is the ability and comfort of being able to continue using your deck after sunset! As the fall days get shorter, your lighting design will become even more important! Get the most out of your deck investment by being able to utilize your outdoor living space morning, afternoon, evening, or after dark!

TREX Lighting Solutions: Trex offers many lighting options to meet your lighting design needs! Trex offers post cap lights and for both their composite railing lines and their signature aluminum railing lines! Deck rail lights are also available for both composite and aluminum deck posts! Stair riser lights and recessed deck lights are also available for both safety and aesthetic uses! Trex also offers transformers and all of the necessary wiring and connections to complete your lighting project! Trex lighting uses Energy-efficient CREE LEDs for long-lasting illumination. The lights are dimmable and weather-proof! Lighting can be controlled with via timer and optional dimmer with remote!

Adding Lighting to your Deck: If possible, always include a budget for lighting when you are initially building your deck. The best time to run the wiring is during rough framing, before the deck boards are installed. This allows the builder the best access to attach the wiring to the sub-structure, keeping it off the ground and away from critters! If you want to add lighting to your existing deck, try to coordinate the installation with repairs or deck board replacement. For the best results, consult with an experienced deck builder to plan your dream deck with stunning lighting!

Get started today and give your family a space they'll love! Call DDT Home Transformations at 630-200-3945 or visit our website: to schedule your estimate!


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