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The Right Contractor is Worth the Wait on Your New Deck or Resurfacing Project

Spring is coming, even though it is hard to tell with all of this snow, and the deck building season is approaching fast! Everyone is looking forward to spending time outdoors and gathering safely outdoors with family and friends where social distancing is easier. Calls to the most sought after contractors yield the

The best deck builders complete estimates all year round. Some even build right through the winter just to keep work from backing up for months at a time. Contractors who build through the winter are working hard to complete jobs booked in the fall so that they are ready for the Spring rush. Plan ahead and secure a place on the contractor’s schedule to ensure you get the most use out of your deck this season.

Not all decks are designed to be built the same way. Finding a carpenter to build a typical square wood deck will be easier to find this time of year than a deck builder who installs composite decking such as Trex, has the ability and equipment to create custom curves, and install lighting packages including deck post lights and riser lights. If you are looking for a more unique, higher quality deck, wait for the contractor you really want to hire. Do not settle for the guy who happens to be available.

“Chuck in a Truck” contractors will leap at the opportunity to try to build your dream deck. They will make all of the promises, but many will fail to deliver the deck that you are envisioning. The best-case scenario is that you hire someone who is willing to put in the research to learn and understand how to build your deck correctly and how to create an accurate bid. Even this best-case scenario, although well intentioned, means lack of experience. Worst case scenario… the contractor gets himself in over his head and rather than admit he cannot complete your project and risk losing money on the project, takes off with your money leaving you with a partial project if he comes back at all. Do not risk your money or your project. Get on the schedule of a reputable deck builder as soon as possible.

There is always a chance that a cancellation comes up and your deck could get moved up on the schedule! Weather is always a factor when a deck builder decides when and how long a project will take. If a project gets done sooner than expected, smaller projects can be added to the schedule. Being flexible with your availability may get your deck done sooner than expected.

Get started today and give your family a space they'll love! Call DDT Home Transformations at 630-200-3945 or visit our website: to schedule your estimate!


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