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3 Reasons Fall is a Great Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Late Summer through early fall is an ideal time for your kitchen remodel! From ideal weather to better deals, August through mid October present several great reasons to start your project now.

Listed below are a few of the reasons there is no better time than now to get the wheels turning on your kitchen renovation.


Let’s start with the obvious.. Your kitchen is going to down for a bit, so take advantage of the great temps and minimal rain to enjoy some outdoor living! What a great time for grilling and sharing a meal on the deck or patio. Not a grill master? Not to worry, head to your favorite restaurant and grab everyone’s favorites for a picnic or maybe just enjoy a meal dining on their patio. All are a great change of pace for most and great for family time. The lack of rain will also minimize wear and tear on your property.

Holiday Ready

What’s better than hosting the family for the Holidays? We think hosting in a brand new kitchen ranks up there pretty high. Beat all the folks who thought about this renovation around Halloween and had no idea there choices wouldn’t arrive in time! There are alot of moving parts in any big renovation. Allowing plenty of time is always wise. Get it done now and handle those delays in stride. You’ll be free and clear long before the Turkey goes in the oven!

Late Season Deals

Early year trends have been around some and manufacturers may have reduced pricing some. Look around, the deals are out there and the difference just my drop your choices into the budget. As well, contractors aren’t as busy as earlier in the season so they tend to be more competitive on pricing. Grab the best contractor, they may be available now and you might still save some dollars.

So if your kitchen has seen better days, take a minute and give the pros at DDT Home Transformations a call for your free estimate and take advantage of this great time of year for your renovation! 630-200-3945

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