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Low Voltage Lighting Adds Warmth to Your Composite Deck

There are 2 main types of lighting that are commonly used on decks. Low-voltage lighting and Solar lighting. Low-voltage lighting is reliable and consistent. It requires a transformer which plugs into a standard wall outlet (GFCI) and converts your home’s standard 110 volts to the required 12 volt level. Low-voltage lighting can be used with timers or sensors to customize your usage. It’s best to install low-voltage lighting during the construction of the deck so that the wiring can be hidden properly. Solar lighting is simple and cost effective. They require little or no wiring, using a solar panel to collect sunlight and convert it to energy stored in batteries which run the lights. Solar fixtures use a photocell which turns lights on as daylight decreases. Solar lighting is a great option for existing decks.

Post Cap Lights are a great way to light the perimeter of your deck and add a bit of flair to your posts! They’re available for wood posts, aluminum posts, and composite posts and will enhance any deck railing.

Side Mount Lights add a soft glow down your deck posts. These are a great option for decks that have cocktail handrail or any other handrail that is continuous and doesn’t utilize post caps.

Under Rail Lighting is very discreet lighting that accents railings at night with little presence during the day. It can be used continuously around an entire rail or section of railing or placed intermittently for a less dramatic affect.

Stair Riser Lighting is both beautiful and practical. Not only does it add interest to the architecture of the deck, it makes stairs more visible and safe to navigate.

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