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5 Details to Consider When Designing your New Deck

There are several ways to make your new backyard deck great for entertaining, but what to do if you really want the wow factor? Here are 5 ways to really take your deck to the next level!

Lighting: Lighting is the easiest way to upgrade your decks appearance. It’s best to have lighting added during the construction process to allow the electrical workings to be properly installed and hidden. Deck lighting can include post cap lights, railing lights, riser and fascia lights, and landscape lights. Lighting is a great way to accent your new deck!

Inlays: If you’ve chosen to go with a composite deck, such as TREX, you have many color options to choose from. Try using 2 or more colors in your deck design! Accenting with color can be as easy as using a complimentary perimeter board color or it can be even more extraordinary by having your deck designer / builder include a pattern in the boards!

Curves: Another unique touch that can be added to your new composite deck is the use of curved boards! TREX makes a Custom Curve machine that allows deck builders who have it the ability to heat up the boards, making them pliable! This allows for some very interesting deck design options!

Pergolas: A pergola can add beauty and a bit of shade to a new deck in a sunny location! It can also be used, on a large deck, to create a visual separation between sections by placing the pergola on one area, while allowing the other area to remain open to the sky. Pergolas can be designed as single or double layer protection from the sun and provide an interesting option for placement of privacy block such as lattice or decorative screening.

Custom Stairways: A stairway does not have to be straight or plain! A stairway is great place to incorporate one or more of the options listed above! A flared staircase which starts at a given width at the top, opens up to a wider base at the bottom!

Curved steps look amazing on a flared staircase! And don’t forget to add riser lights to those treads! If your staircase has to be straight, talk to your deck designer about tread design such as a picture frame tread with an accent color!

Your new deck will add function to your backyard. Make sure it also adds beauty! Having a well-designed, unique deck will add aesthetic to be enjoyed for the lifetime of your deck!

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