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4 Things a Composite Deck WILL and WILL NOT Do!

A composite deck WILL beautifully withstand years of sun, sleet & snow! A treated lumber deck will require regular, costly maintenance such as sanding and re-staining in order to keep it looking beautiful. A composite deck is not only available in a variety of colors, those colors will stay beautiful for years with little effort. A composite deck WILL clean easily with soap and water! The shell on a composite deck can be wiped clean due to the outer shell on each board. A treated lumber deck will require pressure washing, which can remove stains as well as the deck finish if care isn’t taken. During routine cleaning, any treated lumber deck boards that have warped should also be changed. Your composite deck boards will hold their shape! A composite deck WILL come with a warranty. TREX, for example, comes with 25-year Limited Residential and Fade & Stain Warranties and also has an exclusive TrexPro Labor Warranty which covers 100% of the labor cost for warranty replacement for 2 years beyond the project completion date when you purchase Trex Transcend deck or porch flooring when you use a Trex Pro Gold or Platinum Contractor, such as DDT Home Transformations!

A treated lumber deck doesn’t come with any warranties. A composite deck WILL let forestfuls of trees grow and grow! TREX is made of 95% recycled materials! Pressure treated lumber does not come from recycled materials and isn’t the best option for environmentally conscience consumers. A composite deck WILL NOT rot, warp, or splinter like treated lumber, or any other wood decking for that matter, will. Composite decking stays smooth and beautiful for years! A composite deck WILL NOT fade or stain! TREX has a 25 year warranty for that! If you get a stain on a wood deck, prepare to use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub it out with a cleaning solution. Simply rinse off your composite deck with some soapy water! A composite deck WILL NOT need seasonal painting, sealing or staining! Depending on what product is used on a wood deck, the horizontal surfaces should be re-stained every 2 – 3 years after a thorough pressure washing and sanding where necessary. A composite deck WILL NOT become food for termites! Other pests that can cause damage to your wood deck include carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood boring beetles. Composite decks are bug resistant!

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