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Color Choice and Your Long Lasting Low Maintenance Composite Deck

So you’ve decided to build a new deck, or reface your aging deck, with low maintenance composite deck boards! Now, what color(s) should it be?! The deck color that you choose should complement your home and yard. It can be a bold combination of style and color and become the focus of your yard, or it can be simple and classic and blend into the everyday function of your outdoor living space.

Choosing between a traditional color scheme and a bold color scheme is a good place to start. If you are not sure which you’d prefer, you should start

by looking at the overall design and shape of your deck. A complex design with curved boards, flared stairs, multiple levels, angles, or any combination of these design elements, may be best suited with a simple, single color scheme that works with your siding color by blending in for a stately presence or an accenting single-color selection for a glamorous appearance. A simpler square or rectangular deck could be made elegant by using a two-color scheme with accenting perimeter boards, railings, and center boards, or an inlaid design. Personal preference, of course, is always the final deciding factor.

Deck colors for a Tan House:

Trying to find a deck color that exactly matches your tan siding just doesn’t work. Alternatively, try choosing colors in a medium brown color. Matching or black railings would look right at home in this color scheme.

Deck colors for a White House:

A white house will make any color you choose look amazing, but that doesn’t help narrow down your choices! If you’ve got the complex designed deck, try light grey shades or soft neutral browns. If you’re looking to feature your deck as a focal point, reds, rich browns, and golds would do the trick! Dress them up with bright white or two-tone railings!

Deck colors for a Grey House:

Grey siding has become increasingly popular and those grey tones can range from light to dark and warm to cool. The most popular deck colors for grey houses include soft browns, reds, or more complex colors that vary in grey tones that complement other greys. Black or white railings are good options here.

It is always best to see a rendering of your deck in color so that you can visualize the final product in your head and see actual sample boards before you sign any papers. Brochures and internet pictures are not always perfect purveyors of color. Pay attention to the texture of the board as well, especially if looking at accenting colors. If you’re choosing a product with woodgrain embossing, you want to make sure that the embossing is consistent from color to color.

In all cases, your choice of deck color is important because composite decking is much longer lasting than natural high maintenance product! Visit our deck gallery and veiw some great examples on our website! - or just phone 630-200-3945 to schedule an estimate!

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