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5 Custom Features to Consider When Designing your Deck

It’s time to spruce up your backyard and get ready for summer! Adding a new custom deck is a great way to bring outdoor living to the next level!

  1. Curve Your Deck Design! If you really want your deck to make a statement, add

some curves! Adding curves to your deck isn’t just for rounded pools (although that looks amazing too!). Curves can be added to staircases for grandeur! Curves can allow the shape of your deck to conform to your existing landscaping without limiting your square footage! Aesthetically, a curved deck looks more organic and elegant! Pro Tip: Some TrexPro Builders (DDT Home Transformations, LLC) have a special oven that allows them to actually custom curve Trex Composite deck boards to a template.

  1. Use more than one color! Depending on the size and shape of your deck, you can create a simple accent or an artistic pattern to really make your deck unique! One simple way to add an accent to your deck is by using a contrasting color for your perimeter, creating a boarder! A more intricate and sophisticated look can be achieved with a color-accented inlay! Discuss your ideas with your deck builder during the planning stages since these types of accents require additional framing!

  2. Lighting is crucial to making a custom deck a prominent part of your back yard. The best time to add lighting to your deck is during the framing stage so that wiring can be properly hidden without extra labor. If your deck has railings, lighting can be added under the top and / or bottom rails or on the railing posts. Flush mount lights can be added into the deck boards and add up-lighting to accent deck edges, pathways, or stair treads. Another way to light stair treads is to use riser lights. As well as beauty, adding lights can help make your deck safer to navigate at night!

  3. Get creative with your staircase! Just like an elegant staircase can “make” an entryway indoors, it can do the same for your deck! Curved or flared staircases are beautiful and traditional but can also be adapted to contemporary designs. If you don’t have the budget or room for curved stairs, straight stairs can be highlighted with white risers, lighting, or picture frame style treads!

  4. Blend your deck with your landscaping! Use curves or boxing to deck around trees rather than remove them. Add flower boxes to bring softness and color to your design. Climbing vines can carry greenery upward and contribute additional shade to that given by a new pergola!

Visit our deck gallery and view some great examples on our website! - or just phone 630-200-3945 to schedule a free estimate!

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