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5 Reasons you May Want to Build a New Deck this Summer!

There are many things to consider when deciding to build a deck and it’s important to know what function you hope your deck will serve before you start the building process. Is your deck going to be for entertaining, dining, and aesthetics? Does it need to serve a function such as surround a pool or spa? Consider the following when deciding if you may want to build a new deck this summer!

  1. Add Value to Your Home! Building a deck can increase the value of your home and add curb appeal should you decide to sell your home. Like most indoor home improvements, having a well-maintained deck will be a selling point that will resonate with potential buyers. The average return on investment for a new deck ranges from 60% to 80% depending on the materials it’s built from.

  2. Additional Living Space! Building a deck provides more square footage that can be used for eating, relaxing, entertaining, and more in addition to your indoor space. Designate an area for your grill to make cooking outdoors convenient. Add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to bring warmth and enjoyment to your deck after dark! Outdoor living space is a wonderful option to have when it’s just too nice outside to be cooped up indoors!

  3. Add personality to your backyard! You can build a basic deck that will fulfill your needs and become a useful outdoor living space, or you can really make it your own and make it a place to retreat or entertain in style!

Add lighting, tiki torches, and wicker furniture with tropical patterns for an island feel. Add curves, flared stairs, and complementary deck board colors for architectural elegance. Consider an area for lounge chairs and a low table in an area that receives just the right amount of sun (or shade)! If you want shade, but you have a sunny backyard, consider a pergola! Work closely with your deck building during the design stage to make sure your deck becomes the outdoor haven you’ve always dreamed of!

  1. Make your backyard the place to be! A deck is the perfect place to entertain outdoors! Make memories with birthday parties, showers, pool parties, or get together just because! Invite your friends and neighbors over to enjoy some BBQ, drinks, music and fun and being able to get together outdoors feels much less crowded and being indoors! Built in perimeter seating makes seating everyone convenient and adds interest to your deck and cocktail style handrails serve just the purpose they’re named for! A great place to set your drinks!

  2. Create a safe, functional space around your pool or spa! A pool deck can be as simple as a 4-foot platform with stairs that provides a safe landing area to enter and exit the water, or it can connect the pool or spa to the rest of your outdoor living space. A deck raised to the height of an above ground pool can create the illusion of a much more expensive in-ground pool!

Once you’ve defined the “why” in your decision to build a deck, work with your deck builder to create a design for a valuable, space adding, functional and beautiful deck!

Visit our deck gallery and view some great examples on our website! - or just phone 630-200-3945 to schedule a free estimate!

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