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3 Reasons you Should Resurface your Aging Wood Deck with Composite Deck Boards

Your deck may look a bit rough but stil be structurally sound. Consider resurfacing your existing frame with trex comosite decking. Here are 3 reasons why!

  1. You may be able to keep your existing deck’s substructure, saving money! The first thing that your deck builder will check when giving an estimate for resurfacing a deck is that the substructure is sound. Any rotting or split boards should be replaced and the framing should be brought up to compliance with the composite brand’s installation guide to ensure warranties will be honored. Joists should be level, so if settling has occurred, the builder will make necessary adjustments by either shaving or shimming the joists. Discuss with your deck builder the possibility of finding concealed damage and what that can mean for your project

  2. Resurfacing your deck with composite boards saves time and money over the life of the deck! If your substructure can be saved, you’ll save money immediately on framing costs and time spent vs building from scratch. The bulk of the cost will come from buying the new deck boards, fasteners, railings, lighting, and other items that you choose for your deck upgrade and the qualified labor hired to install it. The savings comes in the form of time and money NOT spent on sanding, scraping, painting or staining year after year. And who can put the value of a deck without splinters!

  3. You can update your deck’s look in days and enjoy it for years! Resurfacing a deck can take as little as half the time as building a deck from scratch! Also,

resurfacing your deck with composite deck boards gives you the opportunity to completely change to look of your deck. During the planning stages, work with your deck builder to come up with a design that fits your yard and your personality. Use contrasting or complementing colors by incorporating a “picture frame” perimeter or if you want to be even more unique, a design inlay such as a diamond pattern! If you want to enlarge your deck, hire a builder who can curve your composite deck boards and handrails to make the deck’s shape more organic and blend it with your landscaping! Adding lighting to your deck is also much easier before the deck boards are installed, so make sure to discuss your options, such as deck rail lights and riser lights, with your builder before the start of the project.

It is always a good idea to select a deck builder with experience with the product you’ve chosen. Composite deck brands, such as Trex, have specific installation instructions and a Trex Pro builder is trained and certified to install their product. A builder certified to install your deck is best qualified to ensure that your substructure complies with the product installation guides before resurfacing your existing deck.

Visit our deck gallery and view some great examples on our website! - or just phone 630-200-3945 to schedule a free estimate!

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