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8 Deck Design Ideas to make your Deck Extraordinary!

Contrasting Colors:

The easiest way to make your deck stand out is by utilizing contrasting colored deck boards. Use an accent color as a deck perimeter to create a frame or as a design inlay. Use black or white aluminum railings to enhance the color of your deck boards. Choose a contrasting color to be installed vertically below your fascia board as an alternative to lattice or chicken wire to block access to the underside of your deck to pests.

Multiple Levels:

Building a deck with multiple levels adds architectural interest to your deck. Each level can be defined for it purpose by selecting the appropriate patio furniture. One level could be a space for eating with a patio table and chairs while another level can be for relaxing on an outdoor sofa with cocktail table. A recessed seating area encourages gathering and conversation.

Combine Deck Space with Patio Space:

Another way to make your backyard more interesting is to use both decking and patio materials such as stone or stamped concrete to create your outdoor living space. A concrete or stone patio is the perfect place to incorporate a built-in fire pit or a home for your bbq grill! Make the design beautiful and interesting by adding curves to the patio and a flare shape to the deck where it steps down onto the patio.

Built-In Seating:

Have benches built from your decking material added to your deck design to make seating that is convenient and blends seamlessly into the aesthetic of your deck. Benches can be built with or without backs or they can back up to the deck railing.


Adding a pergola to your deck design add both beauty and practicality. Choose a design that complements the architecture of your home. Pergolas can have 1 level of shade providing boards or multiple. Be sure that your deck builder installs the boards to optimize the shade provided based on the direction that your home faces.

Flower Boxes:

Use flower boxes as space defining features between different levels of your deck to add color and softness to your design. Flower boxes, if built tall enough, can also replace sections of railing. Select zone appropriate plants that will add a pop of color or certain herbs that can help deter mosquitoes such as basil or peppermint to make spending time outdoors even more enjoyable!


Adding curves to deck boards and railings is a fun way to make your deck truly unique! Some contractors have the equipment necessary to bend deck boards and railings to make an organic deck design that blends with nature and eliminates harsh corners.


Don’t forget to add lighting to your deck design! Lighting can be used to accent any aspect of your deck including railings, stair risers, flower boxes, and elevation changes. A deck with proper, well-planned lighting always looks more elegant than a deck with the backyard flood light turned on!

Visit our deck gallery and view some great examples on our website! - or just phone 630-200-3945 to schedule a free estimate!

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