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Consider Using a TrexPro for your Deck Project

There are many options for your backyard paradise including concrete or block patios, wood decks, or composite decks. With all of the options available, Trex has made its name as the front runner in composite decking by providing an impressive variety of high-performance, low-maintenance, environmentally conscious products in a well-developed pallet of available colors. The deck builder that you choose to install your Trex deck should be knowledgeable with Trex products and their installation techniques to avoid costly mistakes, deck failures, and voided warranties. This is why it’s important to use a TrexPro to install a Trex deck.

In order to become a TrexPro, a builder has to request an application and provide a state contractor’s license and proof of current general liability insurance to state-required levels. The contractor then needs to attend an information session held by a Trex sales representative or Trex distributor. This is essentially a training session. The contractor learns product knowledge and the proper installation techniques that will be covered by Trex’s warranty. Then, the contractor must build three decks, including at least one with railing, in accordance to Trex specifications and have those decks reviewed by a Trex sales representative. This is to ensure that the builder understands and is committed to proper installation. Upon successful completion, the contractor is designated a TrexPro builder. At this point, the TrexPro will be listed on to be found by potential clients.

On the Trex website, under “Find a Builder”, there are 3 designations of TrexPro deck builders. TrexPro Deck Builders are usually the newest contractors that have gone through the TrexPro designation process or companies who build Trex

decks, but not as their primary focus. TrexPro Gold Deck Builders have achieved advanced product and installation training and are more experienced with using Trex products. TrexPro Platinum is the highest level of recognition that Trex designates a deck builder. TrexPro Platinum deck builders are the leading TrexPros in their areas and demonstrate expertise in building beautiful outdoor living spaces ranging from simple to the most complex. TrexPro Platinum designated deck builders are the most experienced with Trex products and installation techniques.

TrexPro-designated companies are expertly trained to install Trex products. Trex provides onsite training, literature, videos, and training demonstrations to ensure the contractor is up to date on new products, installation techniques, and Trex specific installation tools. Using a TrexPro for you deck project ensures that your deck will be built correctly and that Trex will back the product for years of enjoyment.

Visit our deck gallery and view some great examples on our website! - or just phone 630-200-3945 to schedule a free estimate!

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