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4 Major Factors that Drive the Cost of your New Deck

The material that you choose and the size of your deck are the largest contributing factors in determining how much your project is going to cost. Selecting a composite material, such as Trex, which is low maintenance and includes a 25 year limited warranty against material defects, will obviously cost more than a deck constructed of pressure treated wood deck boards. The larger the deck, the more obvious the difference in price will be. Keep in mind when deciding, however, the cost of maintenance on a wood deck. If you invest in a Trex deck up front, you will come out ahead in the long run.

Labor and installation costs vary based on the complexity of your design and time required for your project. Are you having a brand new deck built, or are you refacing your existing deck by replacing deck boards and railings? If your existing sub-structure is in good shape or can by with minor repairs, refacing your existing deck may be a more cost-efficient option. Meeting with a deck builder during the budgeting stage is a good way to make sure that you are planning ahead for what you want instead of scaling back to what you can afford quickly.

Upgrades such as multiple platforms, integrated patios, lighting packages, pergolas, and

railing systems all contribute to the cost of a new deck. Discuss all of your selections with a deck builder during the budgeting stage and ask for additional options or recommendations. Your deck builder may be able to help you find solutions that make your backyard into the paradise you’re imagining without breaking the bank or help you create a realistic budget to get exactly what you want.

The season that you decide to build your deck may affect your budget! Some contractors increase labor costs leading up to and during the busy building seasons of spring and summer. Some contractors will build right into the winter months by pouring their concrete footings in the fall before temperatures drop and returning later in the season to complete the build in order to avoid having slow months. Discuss with your contractor when the best time would be to install your new deck.

Check out our site for some great examples, then set up your free estimate! - or just phone 630-200-3945 to schedule!

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