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Why Curved is the Answer to Set Your Dream Deck Apart from the Rest!

The most customary deck shapes are square or rectangular or some version of square or rectangular with “clipped” 45 degree cut corners. Wood is difficult to bend and requires a skill set not every carpenter has, so curved decks are not common. As composite decking has increased in popularity due to its maintenance free properties, getting a curved deck is no longer an improbable option! Some deck builders have invested in dedicated equipment to make building a curved composite deck an exciting alternative to traditional square decks! A specialized oven is used to heat the composite boards to make them pliable, then the hot board is moved to a forming table where the board is bent and held by a series of clamps to cool in its new custom shape. If a curved deck is something that you want, be sure to select a contractor with the equipment and experience to do it correctly and efficiently.

One reason to add curves to your deck design is to set your deck apart! Curves on a deck are much more difficult to build than curves on a patio or designed into landscape beds. Because of the amount

of work and planning that goes into building a curved deck, they are not as common as straight or clipped-corner decks. Your curved deck will stand out in a neighborhood of boxes and sharp angles!

Another benefit of adding curves to your deck is that it will blend naturally into the outdoor environment. Nature is full of curves. Winding streams, rolling hills, and meandering shorelines come to mind when thinking of the outdoors. Square decks with straight lines and squared corners contrast with the organic flow of the natural world. Curved decks, on the other hand, incorporate into the landscape as if they belong there.

Curves built into your deck design add a touch of elegance to your backyard living space. A deck is often thought of more for utility than beauty. A deck serves a purpose. It is a place to gather outdoors. It is a surface outside to place your patio furniture on. Why not design your deck to not only fulfill its purposes, but also add aesthetics to your home both from outside and also looking out from inside? Having an artfully landscaped backyard is a source of pride. A curved deck adds appeal to the landscape and enhances your yards appearance more than a square structure possibly could. Add curved railings and lighting and your deck will become a topic of conversation year-round as it sets the ambiance even when viewed through your windows from indoors.


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