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Deck Resurfacing: A Great Way to Give your Decking the Fresh Look or Upgrade It Needs

Wood decks can be cost-efficient to build initially, but maintenance costs over time add to the final cost

of a deck. If you currently have a wood deck, you are probably already aware of the maintenance that

they require. As the deck boards age, they dry out, change color due to exposure to the sun and other

environmental factors, and the deck will require staining and / or sealing annually to avoid stains from

fallen leaves or other debris. Wood deck boards also wear and break down causing cracking and

splintering. So, what are the options for renewing your aging wood deck once the boards have reached

the end of their usable life?

Build a new deck. If the deck was poorly maintained and the substructure is unsafe or doesn’t meet

local building code, this may be your best option. You can choose to build a new wood deck for the least

relative cost and start the cycle over again, or you could choose to upgrade to a composite decking

material. This option would cost more money up front, but you will enjoy years of maintenance free


A less expensive and faster option is to resurface your existing wood deck with new composite deck

boards and railings. This option is great if you are happy with the size and shape of your deck, would

like to benefit from the maintenance free properties of composite deck boards and railings, and you have had your deck substructure inspected by a licensed professional. This option also saves you money!

Deck resurfacing can be done in a matter of days and often does not require a building permit! Here is how deck it works.. First, your contractor will remove all existing deck boards and handrails. Repairs, if necessary, will be made to ensure your existing substructure is free from damage and meets current building codes. Existing stairs will almost always need to be reframed due to

installation requirements of composite decking. For example, Trex requires stair stringers be installed

12” on center as opposed to 16” – 18”on center for pressure treated boards. New wood posts will be

installed for the new railing system. Then, the new composite deck boards will be installed over the

existing frame. New fascia board will be installed around the perimeter of the deck. Finally, the railing

systems will be installed to complete the project. Your renewed deck is now ready to provide years of

maintenance free enjoyment!

A consideration when having your existing deck resurfaced, is that while the deck boards are removed

would be the ideal time to add a lighting package or Trex RainEscape to really upgrade your backyard

living space! Lighting can provide accents and safety while RainEscape allows the space under your deck

to be usable even during the rain by directing rain water from your deck above to a gutter system

below. RainEscape is ideal for 2 nd story decks over a patio or walk out basement entrance.

Take advantage of the early break in the weather! Call DDT Home Transformations at 630-200-3945 or visit our website: to schedule your estimate!


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