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Get a “Cabinets Only” Price Quote for Your Next DIY or Contractor Kitchen Remodel

Are you a talented DIYer or Contractor? Or perhaps you have a carpenter in the family who will install for beer and pizza? You can order cabinetry from a cabinet dealer without installation and sometimes you’ll even get a discount since the dealer won’t need to manage your project! Here are the items that you will need to provide to the Kitchen Designer to get a cabinet quote without an in-home estimate!

  • Using a metal tape measure, measure all of the walls in the kitchen in inches! Include any fractions of an inch, do not round the dimensions! Walls must be built, and drywall installed prior to using these measurements for ordering cabinets.

  • Measure all doors, windows, and pass-throughs (including the casing trim). Measure width and height including trim.

  • Measure the locations of all doors, windows, and pass-throughs as they are positioned in the walls. Measure the distance between corners and the edge of the trim of each opening. Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the trim on each window or from the ceiling to the top of the trim of each window. Notate where any doors swing into the room.

  • Measure the distance from the corner to the center of your refrigerator. Also notate the location of the refrigerator’s outlet and water line location on the wall.

  • Measure the distance from the corner to the center of your sink. IF the sink is centered under a window, AND you’ve included all of the window measurements as noted above, then you can state that the sink is centered under the window.

  • If a dishwasher is installed in your kitchen, or you would like one to be added, state on which side of the sink the dishwasher is located.

  • Measure the distance from the corner to the gas and / or electrical receptacles for your range.

  • Measure the distance from the corner to the location of the electrical outlet for your over-the-range microwave hood. Also include the measurement from the floor to the same outlet. If there is ductwork inside the cabinet over the microwave, be sure to include it’s location as well.

  • Measure the ceiling height in several locations in your kitchen as kitchen floors are not always level. Use the shortest measurement you find to ensure everything will fit properly.

  • ONLY include your existing cabinet measurements if you want the new cabinets to be exactly the same sizes as the cabinets being removed. Sometimes this is necessary if flooring is not being changed and is not installed under the existing cabinetry.

In order to receive a rendering and estimate from DDT Home Transformations, you’ll need to select a door style and color for your cabinetry. A good place to start is Email your selection and measurements to for your free rendering and cabinet-only price quote!


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