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Pros & Cons of 5 Kitchen Backsplash Options Trending in 2020

Choosing a backsplash for your kitchen is as important as any other aspect of your overall design. Backsplash tile can be a focal point to draw the eye or a backdrop to feature accent pieces. Here are 5 trending backsplash options for 2020 and pros and cons for each of them.

1. Ceiling Height Backsplashes:

Pro: Taking your backsplash to the ceiling in areas where wall cabinets do not impede, such as near windows, behind open shelving, or behind a decorative range hood can add texture, interest, and modernity to your kitchen. If you’ve chosen a larger scale patterned tile, this allows for more surface area for the pattern to develop and be noticed.

Con: Not every kitchen has ample wall space available for it to make sense to take backsplash tile to the ceiling. If you’ve only got a couple of inches on either side of a

window on one wall to take advantage of, it may just be best to curb the backsplash at the standard 18” height that is typically where the wall cabinets start. This is especially true if you’ve selected a large patterned backsplash tile. With so little room, the pattern is lost to the scrap pile at the tile saw. There is also one very clear negative about ceiling height backsplash tile in a kitchen with abundant wall space. Budget. Depending on the backsplash tile you choose, additional square footage can add up quickly in both materials and labor.

2. Larger Subway Tiles:

Pro: Larger subway tiles allow for a few more installation options than the standard 3” x 6” tile that has been popular for years now. Rather than installing in a typical horizontal brick pattern splitting the seams halfway through the tile below, you could opt to split the rows by thirds, install in a herringbone pattern, or completely vertically! A quick internet search of subway tile designs will provide an endless selection of patterns to choose from! The larger tiles help keep the subway style tiles fresh and trendy.

Con: Subway tile can be standard and boring. Subway tiles are so popular that they’re the first option for many home remodelers. Keep your kitchen from looking like every other kitchen in your neighborhood by choosing a subway tile with some personality. Choose a bold color or pattern to make your subway tile pop!

3. Mirrored & Metallic Finish Backsplash Tiles:

Pro: Mirrored or metallic finished backsplash tiles reflect light and make your kitchen appear brighter. Larger metallic tiles make an easy dramatic statement while smaller tiles can add the same wow factor when selected in interesting patterns.

Con: Mirrored and metallic tiles are not easy to install. Professional installation is recommended not only because metal tiles can be difficult to cut on a less-than-professional tile saw without chipping or bending, but because they need to be installed on as even a plane as possible. When metallic tiles are uneven on a wall, the imperfections become very obvious due to light reflection. A professional installer will have more experience leveling the tiles on the vertical plane to minimize these imperfections and, where possible, hide variances in the wall itself.

4. Patterns:

Pro: The trend away from granite countertops to more subtle quartz countertops invites the opportunity to move to more patterned backsplash tiles. Whether the pattern is in the tile itself or the way the tile is installed, simpler quartz patterns don’t clash with backsplash tiles the way that busier granite can.

Cons: Patterned tiles are a decision that requires being sure you’re still going to love the pattern you’ve chosen 5 years after your kitchen project is complete! Choose something that makes sense in your house. A backsplash project isn’t something anyone wants to take on every couple of years.

5. Bold Colors:

Pro: Bold colored kitchen backsplashes are featured in all of the top kitchen remodeling magazines for 2020’s biggest trends! Set a mood with your kitchen remodel by incorporating certain elements into your backsplash. Use black or grey to convey modern luxury. Oranges, pinks, and reds invoke energy and happiness. Blues and greens add feelings of peace and calm.

Con: Choosing a bold colored backsplash is a huge commitment. It’s easy to change paint

colors, but installing tile can be much more permanent. A gallon of paint will cost far less than a new backsplash should you tire of your color selection. If you’re not decisively committed and confident in your backsplash color selection, another option would be to use painted walls and accent pieces such as vases and wall décor to add color to your kitchen.

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