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Use Curves and Levels When You Design Your New Deck for Maximum Appeal and Best Use of Space

When you think of building a new deck, do you picture it square, rectangular, or maybe it has clipped corners? Or do you picture curves that flow with your landscaping and accentuate your patio furniture? If you want your deck to really stand out in your neighborhood and look progressive and different from the standard, consider adding curves to your deck design! There are several ways to incorporate curves to your design and discussing the options with your contractor is a great place to start!

Add a soft curve to the front face of your deck. A simple way to add softness and a few extra square feet to your deck is to curve the entire front face of your deck.

Curve the deck corners. Instead of clipped corners, design your deck with curved corners to really differentiate your deck from everyone else’s.

Create an organic curved deck line. Use curves to incorporate landscaping and trees into your backyard living space. A classic kidney shaped deck front is much more interesting to look at than a square front and can help maximize and define outdoor living zones such as eating and relaxing by curving to complement your patio furniture.

Use curved deck board inlays in your deck board layout. One way to add a real pop of visual interest to your deck is using a contrasting or complementing deck board inlay in your deck board layout. Curving the deck board inlay really makes it stand out as custom and original.

Use curves of varying sizes for multi-level decks. Curving each level of your multi-level deck with differing degrees of curvature and sizing can make your deck appear more complex and interesting. You can also use this as a tool to help define spaces. Use a more circular curve for a round patio table and use a broader organic curve for lounge furniture.

Curve the deck railings too! Ask your contractor to curve the deck railings to match your decks curves! Curving the deck rails brings attention to the curves and makes them more noticeable when looking at your deck from the ground.

Light up your curves! Use landscape and deck lighting to draw more attention to your decks curved features! Deck rail lights accent deck rails, landscape lighting make curved deck faces shine, and deck board up-lighting can draw attention to curved inlays and help define spaces.

Getstarted today and enjoy the full outdoor living season! Call DDT Home Transformations at 630-200-3945 or visit our website: to schedule your estimate!


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