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3 Amazing Advantages from Scheduling an Estimate During the Holiday Season

Are you planning to start a project at the beginning of the new year? Why wait until the new year to start your project? Why not start planning now? The truth is that most construction companies are at the slowest time right now. But, what does that mean for you? In this article, I will talk about the 3 Amazing Advantages from Scheduling an Estimate During the Holiday Season.


Open Availability

"Have you ever called a general contracting company to schedule an appointment for someone to come to your home to give you an estimate for your project and to be given an option for an appointment time in 2 weeks?"

You have been thinking about this project for awhile and all you want to do is to get the "ball rolling". But, first things first, you need to hire a contractor, which requires an estimate. Which is why calling for an appointment during the holiday season is the solution to your problem.

For most general contractors, the weeks before-and-after Christmas are typically the slowest two weeks of the year; so, if you are considering on starting a project within the next couple of months then this would be the ideal time of the year to schedule your free, in-home appointment. During the busier times of the year, contracting companies will have several appointments in the queue, which would push your appointment further out. But, during the holiday season, you will undoubtedly be first on the company's list. Don't believe me? Try it out and call today. I can almost certainly guarantee that you will be on the schedule within 1-2 days.

Fast Turnaround Time for Your Estimate

"Did you invite a contractor to stop by and review your project, only to have 1 week pass and still not have an estimate?"

You took the first step to actually preparing to start your remodeling project, but now, you are being held up by a contractor. As a matter of fact, it wasn't just one contractor, but all three companies are taking much longer than expected to return an estimate to you. If you had scheduled your appointment during the holiday season, then you would see faster than normal turnaround times for estimates.

Not only during the 2-week holiday period do projects slow down, but appointment requests do, too. Which is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, this is typical, so general contracting companies have more time available to complete estimates. In fact, you may receive your estimate the same day. If this is correct, then, you call to schedule an appointment for Tuesday morning, and you receive the estimate by Tuesday afternoon. That is fast!

I've included a chart to help understand why it is important to schedule your appointment during the slower, holiday season. As you can see, for a company that receives 2 medium and 3 large remodel appointments, the average estimator would spend 13.5 hours completing those estimates. What this chart does not show the various projects that the Project Manager would be managing at the same time. So my sage advice is to ask for a remodel estimate during the non-peak times like during the holiday season.

First on the Construction Schedule

"Have you hired a contractor and then have to wait for 3-4 weeks for the contractor to finish current projects so he or she can start your project?"

One big advantage to scheduling an estimate during the holiday season is that you will be first in line to get your project started. And, it is always convenient to be first in line. With a 3-week timeline for a bathroom, 5 weeks for a basement, and 6 weeks for a kitchen remodel, being first in line is important if you don't want to wait for your remodel to begin. For instance, if you want a kitchen remodel and you decide to pursue the project during the busy season, you will probably wait an additional 3 weeks for your project to start. In all, scheduling an estimate during this holiday season will lead to faster results when you are ready to start construction in the new year.


Are you considering a remodeling project? Are you looking for a contractor that is both professional and trustworthy? Then, DDT Home Transformations is the contractor that you have been searching for! Call (630) 200-3945 today to schedule your free, appointment today.

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